Friday, June 24, 2011


This has been a busy month for us.  We've had lots of family in town and I haven't been very good at documenting it all so this is what I've got.

To start the month off Heather and Tim came into to town to visit for a long weekend.  We had a great time with them hanging out at the pool and going to the zoo.  Grace absolutely loved them being here.  I think she is really getting spoiled from all of the attention lately.

Aunt Heather

Uncle Tim showing Grace how it works.

The Zoo was lots of fun

It was a great to see Heather and Tim.  We haven't seen them since Christmas and need to get together more often.  

Of course with all of the family in town, we still had playdates, playgroups, and school to attend.  We met at a local splashground with Brandi and her 2 daughters for lunch and playtime.  Grace has no fear and loved running around in the splaypark and the playgrond.

Enjoying a little pre-festivity lunch.

Lots of fun!  And she keeps up with her hat!

We decided to put Grace in a Mother's Day Out program for just one day a week this summer.  This was her first day.  She did pretty good that day.  She still isn't loving it yet, but it is getting better.  

Keith's Dad 'Papa' came to visit for a week.  Grace had lots of fun taking walks in the morning and afternoon with him.  Every time we walk out in the garage now she is expecting to get in the wagon.  I wish I had taken pictures, but I promise to take lots next week when we see him and Nanie.

My Aunt Nadine and Cousin Stefani were in town last weekend.  Stefani is a photographer and was shooting a wedding here in Texas.  It was great to see them.  Stefani took some great pictures of Grace.  Here are a couple of sneaks that I grabbed from Facebook (hope that is ok Stefani).  She literally has become a little girl over night.

Last weekend was Father's day.  Daddy is one of the few words that Grace says consistently/repeatedly so I guess we know who her favorite is.  

Daddy Daughter Date night at Chick-fil-a for Father's Day!  They had black table cloths, took your order at the table and even had cheat sheet for what to talk to your daughter about.  Really cute!  I think they had a great time.  It was a very nice Father's day weekend!  

This week we got Grace a backpack and lunch box from PotteryBarnKids (Thanks Susan and Gil for the Birthday gift card!)  It is so cute, but when it is full Grace can't exactly wear them yet.

About to topple over before school.

As if this month isn't busy enough, I hosted a Discovery Toys party with my friend Kelli last night.  If you need any toys let me know.  They have some great stuff that really grows with your kids.  While I was getting ready, I guess Grace was a bit bored since I had put her toys away.  She found a pen (I took it away from her), but not before doing this.  I didn't realize it until about halfway through the party.  Good thing the cover is washable.  We are just getting into understanding drawing and coloring so I guess it was inevitable.  

Our first episode of coloring something that shouldn't have been colored!

When I noticed I could only laugh.  It is in the wash already.

We leave for Mexico on Wednesday.  It should be a great time and we can't wait.  It will be Grace's first international trip and first beach and first full family vacation.  I promise to take lots of pictures.  

In the meantime we are getting packed and ready!  See you soon!

Her futures so bright...

She's got to wear shades....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Atlanta - Part 2

While we were in Atlanta, my cousin Shanna got married.  It was a beautiful wedding with lots of cool details like paper flowers, a card catalog guest book and lawn games.   Grace had so much fun that she needed to take a nap on one of the quilts.

Sleepy baby

Grace is a great croquette player.

This little dress belonged to the bride when she was little.  

The Happy Couple

Paper Flowers

Books on the table

On Sunday my aunt and uncle, Patti and Chris and cousin Paul with his girlfriend Maleah came over for lunch.

Grace is now really into giving everyone kisses.

More Kisses

We had a great time hanging out with everyone during the weekend.  Many of the family hadn't seen Grace since she was only 4 or 5 months old.

On Monday, Grandpa took Grace out for a bike ride.  He rented the trailer and again Grace loved it.  She sat back and enjoyed the ride.  Not a peep the entire time.  She didn't even bother with her snacks until they were done.    I think they will do this again in July when we come back.  I am not sure who enjoyed it more :)

I also wanted to show off Grace's swimming skills.  It is just about as hot in Atlanta as it is here in Texas so the water felt great.

No fear - she jumps from the side of the pool.

We had a blast in Atlanta and are looking forward to our trip back in July.