Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey Butt!!!

Yep, Grace has a turkey on her butt!  It was so cute.  Thanks to my Aunt Patti for making the bloomers.  Perfect for our Thanksgiving day feast.

We drove down on Wednesday to Keith's Aunt Patti's house for Thanksgiving with his aunt, uncle, cousin and their kids.  It was good to see everyone.  We learned that they will have not one but 2 new babies in the family next year.  More little playmates for Grace.  She was fascinated with Kadee who is 15 months old.  Both Keith and I are amazed at what a difference 7 months is going to make in our little girl.  There were some big changes for Grace last week but more on that later.  Here are a few pictures from the festivities.

Happy Baby in her Turkey Day finest

Ready to eat with Thanksgiving Day bib.  We let her feed herself the turkey, but she had some of my mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes.  She loved them both.  

After dinner with Daddy.  

Happy after a great meal.

Hanging out with Aunt Patti

This is Grace's new 'Fake' smile.  Who knew an 8 month old could give fake smiles.  

We think the fake smiles are actually her way of trying to show off her new tooth!  Yep, she has a tooth. It is one of the bottom teeth.  It is barely out but definitely there.  We had no idea until on the way down to Houston it had gotten dark and I was trying to entertain her in the car.  She grabbed my hand and started to chew on my finger.  What had been this gummy gnawing was now replaced by a sharp little tooth.  She didn't complain about it I guess.  It still isn't through enough for me to get a picture though.  She keeps sticking her tongue out to feel it and that prevents us from getting a good picture  

Also she has finally decided to scoot/army crawl.  Here is a video taken right after we saw her do it for the first time.  She has gotten better already in the last couple of days so I think real crawling isn't too far behind now.  She also can sit from laying down.  Lots of milestones in one week.  I need to update the baby book.

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 15, 2010

8 Months Old!

This post is a few days late, but the pictures were taken on her 8 month birthday.  I think that I will say this every month but boy does time fly!!

There haven't been any major milestone this month, but she is definitely working on a few.  I think this month we are going to see lots of changes.

  • Still not crawling, but tries.  She does what Keith calls the "inchworm".  She gets upon all fours and pushes with her feet so she lands flat on her belly a little bit further ahead of where she started.  She'll do this a few times in a row to get what ever she wants.  Shoes still are a favorite.
  • We all went to North Carolina for Mike and Sabrina's wedding.  This makes the 5th state that she has been to - Georgia, Texas, Michigan, Alabama, and North Carolina
  • First Halloween!!

Still have my baby blues!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blueberry Beret

When we brought Grace( 4 days old) home from the hospital one of the gifts that we got was an adorable blue beret, sweater and booties set from Aunt Patti (the Great).  It was huge on Grace at the time.  We had a bit of fun trying out a few hat styles that day.

Little Baby Pope

Oui, Oui Grace est précieux!

What a difference a few months makes. It finally got cold enough for Grace to wear it.

I should have taken a few more pictures, but the outfit was absolutely precious.  She got lots of compliments.  What was funny though is if the hat fell down and covered her eyes she eventually would fuss, but never would try and remove it.  Let's hope it stays that way.  We have a special hat for our ski trip and I can't wait for her to wear it. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

We had toyed around with various plans about Trick or Treating.  I mean really, a 7 month old going Trick or Treating?  Isn't that really just the parents using the baby as an excuse to get candy?  We thought about tagging along with the Woy's and it wouldn't be as strange.  We knew that we really didn't need the candy.  T&T was right about Grace's bedtime so if we drove somewhere we risked a meltdown as well.   But I really wanted to take her even if it was only for a photo-op.

We eventually decided that this was the perfect excuse though to go out and meet our neighbors.  We went out for about 30 mins, going door to door introducing ourselves, turning down candy and met some great neighbors.  Turns out that there are quite a few babies that live right around here.

I couldn't resist taking a few photos of our little Ladybug out in the yard even though the grass was very itchy and it didn't make her happy.

Ready to go!

Knock Knock - Trick or Treat!!

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!

Last Weekend in Oct?

Well it is finally showing signs that fall is here if you count a couple of mornings that started in the high 40s.  Ok, so yeah the day ended up in the 80s, but it is almost November(Wow Christmas is around the corner and then 1st birthday- where has the year gone!!).  We woke up Friday and it was a bit chilly so I took that as an excuse to try out some new outfits in Grace's closet.  I have learned that hats, headbands, etc really don't bother her.  She was more than willing to smile and model this cute outfit.  I just realized that her socks are the same color as the sofa and it makes her look like she doesn't have feet.

Saturday morning was another chilly start and we had an early appointment for Grace's flu booster shot. They were having a flu clinic and that was the way to do it.  We were in and out of the office in less than   5 mins.  She cried for maybe 2 seconds if that; such a big girl.  I again used the weather as an excuse to dress Grace up.  I bought this Halloween outfit before Heather gave her the ladybug costume.  I figured that she could wear all of the pieces and parts throughout the winter and I didn't expect we'd really do much trick or treating (post on that later)

Isn't she a cute cat?

"Meow" - or more like her current squeals

Sunday morning we headed over to check out Keith's new office.  They've got a great space and it looks fabulous.  This little company really is growing up.  We were very impressed.  We'll have to drive down and meet Daddy for lunch now that they are much closer to home.  

Grace wanted to sit at the big desk.  

Tasty Desk 

Showing Daddy how it is done.  She said that working was easy!

Grace isn't crawling quite yet, but she has started trying.  I have been very excited for her to crawl, until it is about to happen.  I just realized that the attention I have to give a rolling baby vs a crawler is very different.  Yes, I watch her like a hawk now but I can run to the bathroom or switch over the laundry without much worry.  Pretty much all I have to deal with is her fussing if she realizes that I left the room or she fell over from sitting.  I think our lives are about to change and some baby proofing is in our near future.  Check out this video I took Saturday.  Yes she is trying to get my shoe.  She loves to roll and get our shoes.  I about expected her to do a somersault a couple times.  She just needs to figure out how to move her arms too and not just the legs and feet.