Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey Butt!!!

Yep, Grace has a turkey on her butt!  It was so cute.  Thanks to my Aunt Patti for making the bloomers.  Perfect for our Thanksgiving day feast.

We drove down on Wednesday to Keith's Aunt Patti's house for Thanksgiving with his aunt, uncle, cousin and their kids.  It was good to see everyone.  We learned that they will have not one but 2 new babies in the family next year.  More little playmates for Grace.  She was fascinated with Kadee who is 15 months old.  Both Keith and I are amazed at what a difference 7 months is going to make in our little girl.  There were some big changes for Grace last week but more on that later.  Here are a few pictures from the festivities.

Happy Baby in her Turkey Day finest

Ready to eat with Thanksgiving Day bib.  We let her feed herself the turkey, but she had some of my mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes.  She loved them both.  

After dinner with Daddy.  

Happy after a great meal.

Hanging out with Aunt Patti

This is Grace's new 'Fake' smile.  Who knew an 8 month old could give fake smiles.  

We think the fake smiles are actually her way of trying to show off her new tooth!  Yep, she has a tooth. It is one of the bottom teeth.  It is barely out but definitely there.  We had no idea until on the way down to Houston it had gotten dark and I was trying to entertain her in the car.  She grabbed my hand and started to chew on my finger.  What had been this gummy gnawing was now replaced by a sharp little tooth.  She didn't complain about it I guess.  It still isn't through enough for me to get a picture though.  She keeps sticking her tongue out to feel it and that prevents us from getting a good picture  

Also she has finally decided to scoot/army crawl.  Here is a video taken right after we saw her do it for the first time.  She has gotten better already in the last couple of days so I think real crawling isn't too far behind now.  She also can sit from laying down.  Lots of milestones in one week.  I need to update the baby book.

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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