Monday, December 12, 2011

Oral B Stages party

I was selected to host a Oral B Stages party from MommyParties.  I invited a few friends from our playgroup over to see the goodies and to watch the Winnie the Pooh Movie that they sent us.  We had a great time playing, eating snacks and attempting to watch the movie.

Oral B Stages and MommyParties  sent us popcorn and boxes, and goody bags full of wonderful products.   It was the first time that many of the kids had popcorn and they really enjoyed it.  I added raisins and fruit snacks as well which were perfect for movie watching.
Table of goody bags, snacks, and juice.

Our table of goody bags and snacks.  

Toddler Style Stadium Seating

Getting a bunch of toddlers to all sit at the same time and watch a movie is akin to herding cats.

Enjoying the movie.   

Since everyone was 1 or barely 2 movie watching wasn't really the focus of the day.   They just don't have the attention spans, but they did seem to really enjoy what they watched of the movie.  I think that someone was watching at all times, but just not all at the same time.

I really tried to capture some video of the kids, but with this age group it is hard to really get much.  The mom's were all really excited about the products and the coupons.  I tried to make sure that everyone got gender and age appropriate items.  Grace has already tried out the body wash and toothbrush.  The body wash smells great.  It has a light lavender scent perfect for bedtime and the pump is great.   The toothbrushes were all so cute with Winnie the Pooh characters.  If Grace spots her toothbrush in the bathroom she wants to brush her teeth so we are hopefully starting good habits out early.

After talking with the other mom's at the party, they were thrilled to get to try out the products and I have a sneaky feeling what is going to be in everyone's stocking's this Christmas.

Thanks to Oral B and MommyParties for letting me host such a fun party.