Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lunch Date, Hair Salon, Pumpkin Patch, and Tacos

Whew!!  Busy Day! And it isn't over yet....

Grace and I went to lunch with some of my friends from my old job.  We ate at Thai Thai in Alpharetta.  It has been quite awhile since I've had thai. Their medium pad thai is typically pretty spicy, but I kind of wished it had been a bit spicier, but otherwise still tasty.  It was great seeing everyone and catching up.  I am so glad that we were able to see them while we were in town.

After lunch, we headed down to meet my mother at the hair salon while she was getting her hair cut.  No, Grace didn't get her hair cut too.  She was just there to visit with everyone.  She was the hit of the salon.

We weren't done yet, though.  It was Pumpkin Patch time.  I got Grace dressed in a cute halloween outfit.  This isn't her costume;  those will be debuted later.  We even bought her a pumpkin that is her size.  She thinks that pumpkins are very tasty especially her little one.

This one looks good.

Kiss the Pumpkin!

We are all heading out soon to Taqueria del Sol for dinner.  Yep, we live in Dallas, but I like tacos in Atlanta.  These are I guess what you might call fancy tacos, but they really are just good and cheap too.  Fried Fish, Nutty Shrimp and a Memphis taco along with a margarita are calling my name.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another picture filled post.  We are going to the Atlanta Zoo!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In Atlanta

We flew to Atlanta yesterday.  This was Grace's 6th flight.  I was a bit afraid that she wouldn't be as good this time since she isn't sleeping as much and is far more interested in what is going around her.  Thankfully,  the flight wasn't full at all and we were able to have a row to ourselves.  Airtran even let us bring the carseat on board.  I think Grace really liked having her own seat.  She looked around, slept and was generally pretty good.  She shouldn't get too spoiled by it though since we won't be buying her own seat for her until she is 2 and we have to, but we are always going to ask if the flights aren't full.  It made it much easier on me.

The weather has just started to turn so I was excited to get to pack some of Grace's cute fall outfits.  I figure it is time to move away from the cute sundresses to some pants, sweaters, dresses with tights and such.  Pants are much harder to put on a wiggly baby, but then again with dresses she will need tights.  Ah perfect timing - fall/winter with a squirmy baby!

I am on the hunt for some cute baby shoes.  In the summer, she can get away without shoes or socks.  Granted Grace did have a few pairs of sandals, but for the most part she was a bare-footed baby.  Now that it is getting chillier shoes or socks are in order.  I am shocked at how expensive shoes for a baby can be.  I am fine with spending more money when she is walking, but $40+ for shoes for a baby that isn't walking, standing or crawling outside is a bit steep for even me (yes Keith I said I couldn't justify spending money :)  )  As you can see in the picture below, Mimi made her some cute socks with crocheted lace.

Yummy new toy!

We have a few fun things planned for the week so watch out for updates.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


One of the reason's we bought a large house is so that we have plenty of room for company. Everyone is more than welcome when ever they want to come visit.  My parents and sister visited back in August and this past weekend Keith's parents and sister visited.    We all had a great time shopping a bit and having some great meals in addition to some fun pool time and just hanging out.  Grace especially loved all of the attention.  She was definitely spoiled by it all.

We tried the new restaurant Sfuzzi.  Let's just say the ladies loved the original frozen Sfuzzi during our lunch there on Sunday.  Every Sunday should include frozen Prosseco and white peach nectar.  The food was great too.  

I love Aunt Heather.  Thanks so much for the Halloween costume and book!

Grace and Papa

Nanie and Papa and Grace

Grace also wanted to give a thanks to Krystal for her adorable outfit. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

6 Month Stats!

Grace went to her new Pediatrician today.  Dr. Weiser was super nice and gave us lots of advice.  Unfortunately though, she was super tired during the appointment and screamed almost the whole time.  I guess that is what I get for scheduling it during mid-morning.  I had hoped it would be before she needed a nap, but no luck.

She did great though considering for the shots.  I think at that point she was just worn out and happy to be done and back in her car seat, since she only cried for about 1 minute after the shots.

She is now 16 lbs 7 oz(50%) and 26 inches long(75%).  Starting to be a tall skinny baby and is perfectly healthy!  She even came home and took a 2+ hr nap.

Here are a few pictures.  Check out the Joe Cool Snoopy Band-Aids.

Shots don't faze me.  I am tougher than that!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sweet Potatoes

I decided that I wanted to try and make a lot of the first foods that Grace would be eating.  I bought all organic vegetables (some I cheated and bought frozen), steamed, pureed and froze 1/2 oz cubes.  We now had a freezer full of heart shaped (only ice cube trays that I had) sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, butternut squash, peaches, apples and a blend of peas and carrots.  I bought jars of organic Earth's Best of all of the foods that I wasn't quite ready to tackle like chicken and rice as well.  Bibs, bowls, spoons etc were all neatly stacked in the cabinets.

So now that we were stocked and ready all we had to do was wait until Grace was 6 months old, which is the new Pediatric recommendation.  Last Friday was the day and I was super excited.  As you could tell from the sneak peek picture Grace wasn't as excited.  She provided us with lots of entertainment though through her expressions.  She never fussed or complained and ended up eating about an ounce that first time.

Since then she has also had rice cereal.  I figured out that I need to mix the rice cereal with either milk or apple juice and add the sweet potatoes and then she gobbles it all up.  I think that peas are going to be the next food for her to try tomorrow.

Here is a video of her first bites.

Not so good

What is this?

This is tasty.

I like these sweet potatoes as long as I can feed myself.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sneak Peek at First Real Food

6 Months Old!!

Grace is 6 months old today.  It is hard to believe that she has already been here for 6 months and what a wonderful, amazing 6 months it has been.

In the last month:

  • She sits up really well.  So well that when she is tired she can't figure out how to just fall over.  
  • Has been rolling like a champ for past couple of months - front to back, back to front,  in both directions.  She can roll to get to her toys now unless she gets stuck on the activity mat bars.  She does get frustrated that she can't really get anywhere without rolling so I think that crawling isn't going to be too far away
  • Attended her first play group and loved it.  She 'played' with all of the big kids 

She is getting so big.  We have her 6 month check up next Thursday and are curious what her stats are.  Just for reference she was 20.25 inches long and 7 lbs 8oz at birth.  

Tonight, Grace will get her first taste of real food.  We are thinking of starting with sweet potatoes.  I promise to take lots of pictures and video.  

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

I want to thank Mimi and Great Aunt Patti for my new outfit and my new friend the Sock Monkey.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

We originally had planned to go down into Dallas for a late lunch with friends, but that got cancelled.  So instead we drove up to the Old Town part of McKinney.  It reminds me in many ways of Madison, Ga.  Grace was sleeping in the car so we didn't get out but we want to go back and explore the cool shops and maybe stop in the winery that is on the square.  I really look forward to exploring the areas of Dallas on the weekends.

Last night we went to dinner with a friend of Keith's from business school and her husband and 2 children. One is just a year older than Grace and the other is only 3 months younger than her.  Hopefully, they'll be friends.  We ate at Blue Mesa Grill.  It was delicious.  Service could have been a bit better.  They were super slow, but we were sitting outside in the great weather so we didn't really mind until the kids got a bit fussy.

Grace was especially cute in her new dress that Mimi made her.  I didn't have the dress on her 1 minute before it was slimed in drool though - she got a bib after the pictures were taken.  We are very lucky that Mimi decided to pick up smocking again.  I have priced smocked dresses and they are outrageous.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Countdown is almost over....

Keith has been counting down the days and now hours until football begins.  We got up and have cleaned the house already so that he and Grace can spend the day watching football.

In honor of this big day, Grace has decided to cheer on a few teams.  (If you want your team recognized in a future post send her some socks or other collegiate wear! - note: some exclusions do apply)

Is that Kick-off I hear? 
(yes my dress has yellow jackets on it)

Go Jackets!!!

I don't own a lot orange, but I do look cute in it.

War Eagle!!!

Cute in Purple

Skinny Jeans

Go Cats!

Excited for Game time!

MMM... Cake....

We went to dinner last night at our friend's the Brasseaux's house.  I was asked to bring a dessert.  After a bit of contemplation, I decided to make something that would allow me to use a few gifts that I've received the last couple of years, but hadn't had a chance to use: Bundt Pan and a Cake Carrier.

This is the result.  Devil's Food Pudding Cake with Peanut Butter Glaze

Looks pretty good if I say so myself(even if it did stick to the pan) and tasted great.  It was really moist and spongy, but the glaze really made special.  I found the recipe on another blog, but modified the glaze since my first efforts resulted in something closer to Peanut Butter Fudge instead of icing.  

Dinner and company were great too.  We aren't sure how we can top last night's steak next Friday when it is our turn to host.  

Grace was a bit out of sorts though last night and didn't really like being put to bed on the floor, but came home and after waking early morning to eat she went back to bed until 8 am.  I got some much needed rest and really appreciated not having to get up at 5-6 am like I've been doing this week.  

If you are interested this is the recipe.

Devil's Food Pudding Cake 
1 box devil’s food cake mix
1 box chocolate instant pudding mix
4 eggs
1 1/4 cup water
1/2 cup oil

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees, and grease well a bundt pan.

Blend all ingredients together for 2-3 minutes, and pour in the prepared pan.  Bake for 50-60 minutes. Allow to cool for 10 minutes, then flip pan, and cake should fall right out. Frost as desired.

Peanut Butter Glaze
  • 4 teaspoons water
  • 2/3 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 tablespoon creamy peanut butter (I used about 2 tbsp)

Stir together until smooth.  I put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds to get it warm so that it would pour better.  You could add more water, but I wanted a thicker glaze.  Pour on top of cake and top with chopped chocolate peanut butter cups (If you freeze these first they chop easier)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From Atlanta to Dallas

So we've finally settled in here in Dallas.  Hopefully in the next few days our last box will be unpacked and put away. I wanted to create this blog so that friends and family could stay up to date with our adventures here in the great state of Texas.

We've had a busy past six months from having a baby, selling a house and moving to Texas.   Here is a quick photo recap.
March 10, 2010 - Grace's Birthday

First Easter

Meeting Great-Grandmommie

Enjoying a nice Stroll

Grace's First House

Wearing one of Mommie's outfits and laying on the 'cold' blanket

Front Porch time with Grandpa

Meeting Great Grandma

Grace and Mimi

Our First Mother's Day

First Shots - All Smiles

First time in the Baby Pool

Hanging out with Nanie

Grace Meets Great Grandma (also First Father's Day)

Grace and Daddy

Wearing Wimbledon Souvenirs.

Second set of Shots - Didn't faze me.

The new house!

On the way to the First Big Pool trip

First Time in the Big Pool

Getting so big

Sitting Pretty

Nom Nom Nom

Mommie and Grace

More house pictures to come....