Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In Atlanta

We flew to Atlanta yesterday.  This was Grace's 6th flight.  I was a bit afraid that she wouldn't be as good this time since she isn't sleeping as much and is far more interested in what is going around her.  Thankfully,  the flight wasn't full at all and we were able to have a row to ourselves.  Airtran even let us bring the carseat on board.  I think Grace really liked having her own seat.  She looked around, slept and was generally pretty good.  She shouldn't get too spoiled by it though since we won't be buying her own seat for her until she is 2 and we have to, but we are always going to ask if the flights aren't full.  It made it much easier on me.

The weather has just started to turn so I was excited to get to pack some of Grace's cute fall outfits.  I figure it is time to move away from the cute sundresses to some pants, sweaters, dresses with tights and such.  Pants are much harder to put on a wiggly baby, but then again with dresses she will need tights.  Ah perfect timing - fall/winter with a squirmy baby!

I am on the hunt for some cute baby shoes.  In the summer, she can get away without shoes or socks.  Granted Grace did have a few pairs of sandals, but for the most part she was a bare-footed baby.  Now that it is getting chillier shoes or socks are in order.  I am shocked at how expensive shoes for a baby can be.  I am fine with spending more money when she is walking, but $40+ for shoes for a baby that isn't walking, standing or crawling outside is a bit steep for even me (yes Keith I said I couldn't justify spending money :)  )  As you can see in the picture below, Mimi made her some cute socks with crocheted lace.

Yummy new toy!

We have a few fun things planned for the week so watch out for updates.

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