Wednesday, February 16, 2011

11 months old!!

11 months already...

This has been a great month for Grace.  Her first trip to Colorado, which makes 6 states visited so far (GA, TX, MI, NC, CO, and AL) and has completed 15 flights.  She sledded, made snow angels, ate snow in Colorado and in Texas.  We've had 2 decent (for us) snowfalls this year.

Grace is a crawling fool.  She goes everywhere.  She thinks that it is hysterical to go places she knows that she isn't supposed and you catch her doing it.  She LOVES the stairs and climbing them.  We have a wide staircase with ballusters on each side.  So far, we've just put dining room chairs in front to block them since we've had a difficult time finding a gate that will work.  I finally ordered a gate and none too soon either.  Grace has figured out that the chairs slide really easily on the hardwood floors, so she just slides the chairs out of the way so she can climb the stairs.  I really hope this new gate works since the other option was a large freestanding gate, but I think she'd just push it out of the way as well.  Smart little girl!

As a result of always being on the go, taking pictures this month proved to be quite a challenge.  This is the best that we could get.

Birthday preparations are already underway.   In less than a month, my little baby is going to be one. Wow!  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Yes, I know that I am a day late.  We sent out Valentine's this year and I wanted to give them time to be delivered before I blogged some of these pictures.

We have a wonderfully talented photographer in our playgroup, Corrie Fish and last month she was the host of one of our playdates.  She decided to do a little Valentine's photo shoot of all of the kids and we got the digitals from the session.  This was such a generous offer and we all loved it.  I think we all got some great photos.  I knew immediately that I wanted to send out Valentine card with the pictures.

Here are a couple of the great photos that we got of Grace.

I finally got my tutu photos!

I had been searching around for the perfect cards and found a great place for photo cards - Pear Tree Greetings.  We ordered this postcard which some of you hopefully have received by now.  We actually ordered the birthday invitations from here as well which should be going out soon.  I can't say enough great things about this company.  I took advantage of free 2-day shipping, so when I ordered on Sunday I had my cards on Thursday.  The quality is excellent on nice thick cardstock and the prices are so reasonable (cheaper than most other sites).  One thing that I really love is that they have lots of great options to choose from such as shaped cards that aren't any more expensive than the regular sizes.  You can customize your colors on some;  I don't mean just pick the color of your text, but the color of the major design options from about 25 colors.  We were able to customize the birthday invitations to match our theme.   I wasn't paid to write this.  My mother found the website for me and immediately I knew it was the place for me.  

Here are a few photos from our Valentine's day.  We tried to go for a walk, but Grace really needed a nap so we skipped it.  We got dolled up later.

Ready for my walk in my Tennis shoes from Great Aunt Terri

Grace loves her monogrammed bloomers and bibs!!  Thanks again Patti(tg)

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! Ours was wonderful!



This past weekend Grace's Nanie(Keith's mother) came into town.  They had a great time playing and hanging out.  She even gave Keith and I a much need date night out.  We went to see 'The King's Speech' - Highly recommend it.

Grace opening the presents Nanie brought for her.

Finally enough hair for a clippy bow.

Playing peek-a-boo with Nanie in her house.

We didn't have a ton planned for the weekend which was nice.  Grace, Nanie and I went to a Valentine's party at a local bounce house type of place on Friday.  Grace really enjoyed it.  I think had she had a bit of a nap beforehand she would have enjoyed it even more.  I look forward to taking her back in the future when she is older.

Yes I had to climb in there with her.  She loved the bouncy rooms.

Weeee!!!  Slides are always a favorite.

Classic Grace face when she gets annoyed - Love this picture.

I climbed up in the big kids area with her.  Let me tell you even though it is big enough for an adult, carrying 20 awkward lbs with you along the way is tough.  We did both big slides and Grace just love them.  

Even though she is too little for Disney,  I think the teacups will be a favorite.

It was a great weekend for all.  We can't wait for both sets of Grandparents to come next month for Grace's first birthday!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Way Behind

So I am way behind in blogging.  I have like 3 posts that I need out like yesterday so this post might get a bit long...

2 Sundays ago, we went to a Super Bowl party and like any good party we brought along some food.

This is Antipasto Bake and is DELICIOUS!!  Super Easy and so good.  I found it on this blog.

I also made a classic Texas Sheet Cake.  The recipe is in our wedding cookbook from our friends and family, but can be found here as well.  I just found a version without the cinnamon and I think Keith would have liked that better, but this was really good.

And I must leave you with a few pictures of Grace.  She is playing with blocks in the kitchen while I cooked all of this.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Last week Grace and I flew to Denver to meet my parents and sister for a ski trip. We stayed in Keystone. We had a great time. My Dad and I skied Keystone, Breckenridge and Copper Mountains. I was shocked that my completely out of shape self did pretty decent for the week skiing. I am definitely not a great looking skier, but I get down the mountain and even tackle a few black diamond runs along the way.

Grace got to make snow angels, go sledding, meet big furry characters and just hang out for the week. She had a blast! I am not sure though who had more fun - My mother and sister or Grace.

Snow baby

Yummy Snow! First Sledding trip.

Mimi and Grace

Oh My Goodness Good!!  Anyone want to open a local Beavertails franchise I will be your first customer.  Too bad these are only in Canada, Keystone, Breckenridge and Saudia Arabia.  Actually it is probably a good thing these aren't local or I'd be as big as a house.  If you do come across them, they are a must try.

My dad and I before skiing.  I am wearing my new Ski Jacket from my parents that I got for christmas.  Yes it is pink and grey plaid.  

Snow Angel eating more snow.

Grandpa and Grace

More Sleddig

I can't wait to take her skiing.  A couple of more years to go.

Aunt Holly and Grace.

It was a great trip.  Too bad that it was 79 here in Texas on Saturday but now it is a high of 19 today and we've been iced in since Monday night with more snow to come tonight.  Snow and ice are great in Colorado, but I don't really like them here at home.  One day maybe, but not the whole week.  

Because of the cold here, Grace and I decided to wear our matching hoodies that we bought in Keystone.  Grace's is a bit big (so is mine too, but she will grow in to hers).  I learned how to use the timer and the tri-pod for this picture so it isn't the best.