Wednesday, February 16, 2011

11 months old!!

11 months already...

This has been a great month for Grace.  Her first trip to Colorado, which makes 6 states visited so far (GA, TX, MI, NC, CO, and AL) and has completed 15 flights.  She sledded, made snow angels, ate snow in Colorado and in Texas.  We've had 2 decent (for us) snowfalls this year.

Grace is a crawling fool.  She goes everywhere.  She thinks that it is hysterical to go places she knows that she isn't supposed and you catch her doing it.  She LOVES the stairs and climbing them.  We have a wide staircase with ballusters on each side.  So far, we've just put dining room chairs in front to block them since we've had a difficult time finding a gate that will work.  I finally ordered a gate and none too soon either.  Grace has figured out that the chairs slide really easily on the hardwood floors, so she just slides the chairs out of the way so she can climb the stairs.  I really hope this new gate works since the other option was a large freestanding gate, but I think she'd just push it out of the way as well.  Smart little girl!

As a result of always being on the go, taking pictures this month proved to be quite a challenge.  This is the best that we could get.

Birthday preparations are already underway.   In less than a month, my little baby is going to be one. Wow!  

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  1. Hi Kristi, I read about you on the Purex Insiders, Southern Insiders post. I'm a Southern girl too. I live in Jacksonville, FL pretty darn close to the GA line. Just popped in to say hey and meet you.

    Your daughter is just as cute as peaches! And what a little Vagabond she is already. She may have more flights in then me. If you get a chance, I'd love you to stop by and visit my blog sometime. I'll be following you (gosh, that sounds stalkerish, doesn't it) hee-hee.

    Hugs...Tracy :)