Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Yes, I know that I am a day late.  We sent out Valentine's this year and I wanted to give them time to be delivered before I blogged some of these pictures.

We have a wonderfully talented photographer in our playgroup, Corrie Fish and last month she was the host of one of our playdates.  She decided to do a little Valentine's photo shoot of all of the kids and we got the digitals from the session.  This was such a generous offer and we all loved it.  I think we all got some great photos.  I knew immediately that I wanted to send out Valentine card with the pictures.

Here are a couple of the great photos that we got of Grace.

I finally got my tutu photos!

I had been searching around for the perfect cards and found a great place for photo cards - Pear Tree Greetings.  We ordered this postcard which some of you hopefully have received by now.  We actually ordered the birthday invitations from here as well which should be going out soon.  I can't say enough great things about this company.  I took advantage of free 2-day shipping, so when I ordered on Sunday I had my cards on Thursday.  The quality is excellent on nice thick cardstock and the prices are so reasonable (cheaper than most other sites).  One thing that I really love is that they have lots of great options to choose from such as shaped cards that aren't any more expensive than the regular sizes.  You can customize your colors on some;  I don't mean just pick the color of your text, but the color of the major design options from about 25 colors.  We were able to customize the birthday invitations to match our theme.   I wasn't paid to write this.  My mother found the website for me and immediately I knew it was the place for me.  

Here are a few photos from our Valentine's day.  We tried to go for a walk, but Grace really needed a nap so we skipped it.  We got dolled up later.

Ready for my walk in my Tennis shoes from Great Aunt Terri

Grace loves her monogrammed bloomers and bibs!!  Thanks again Patti(tg)

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! Ours was wonderful!


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