Thursday, February 3, 2011


Last week Grace and I flew to Denver to meet my parents and sister for a ski trip. We stayed in Keystone. We had a great time. My Dad and I skied Keystone, Breckenridge and Copper Mountains. I was shocked that my completely out of shape self did pretty decent for the week skiing. I am definitely not a great looking skier, but I get down the mountain and even tackle a few black diamond runs along the way.

Grace got to make snow angels, go sledding, meet big furry characters and just hang out for the week. She had a blast! I am not sure though who had more fun - My mother and sister or Grace.

Snow baby

Yummy Snow! First Sledding trip.

Mimi and Grace

Oh My Goodness Good!!  Anyone want to open a local Beavertails franchise I will be your first customer.  Too bad these are only in Canada, Keystone, Breckenridge and Saudia Arabia.  Actually it is probably a good thing these aren't local or I'd be as big as a house.  If you do come across them, they are a must try.

My dad and I before skiing.  I am wearing my new Ski Jacket from my parents that I got for christmas.  Yes it is pink and grey plaid.  

Snow Angel eating more snow.

Grandpa and Grace

More Sleddig

I can't wait to take her skiing.  A couple of more years to go.

Aunt Holly and Grace.

It was a great trip.  Too bad that it was 79 here in Texas on Saturday but now it is a high of 19 today and we've been iced in since Monday night with more snow to come tonight.  Snow and ice are great in Colorado, but I don't really like them here at home.  One day maybe, but not the whole week.  

Because of the cold here, Grace and I decided to wear our matching hoodies that we bought in Keystone.  Grace's is a bit big (so is mine too, but she will grow in to hers).  I learned how to use the timer and the tri-pod for this picture so it isn't the best.  

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  1. Great Pics, Your daughter is so photogenic!, Just stopping by to say hi from a fellow Purex Insider :)