Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This past weekend Grace's Nanie(Keith's mother) came into town.  They had a great time playing and hanging out.  She even gave Keith and I a much need date night out.  We went to see 'The King's Speech' - Highly recommend it.

Grace opening the presents Nanie brought for her.

Finally enough hair for a clippy bow.

Playing peek-a-boo with Nanie in her house.

We didn't have a ton planned for the weekend which was nice.  Grace, Nanie and I went to a Valentine's party at a local bounce house type of place on Friday.  Grace really enjoyed it.  I think had she had a bit of a nap beforehand she would have enjoyed it even more.  I look forward to taking her back in the future when she is older.

Yes I had to climb in there with her.  She loved the bouncy rooms.

Weeee!!!  Slides are always a favorite.

Classic Grace face when she gets annoyed - Love this picture.

I climbed up in the big kids area with her.  Let me tell you even though it is big enough for an adult, carrying 20 awkward lbs with you along the way is tough.  We did both big slides and Grace just love them.  

Even though she is too little for Disney,  I think the teacups will be a favorite.

It was a great weekend for all.  We can't wait for both sets of Grandparents to come next month for Grace's first birthday!

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