Thursday, September 16, 2010

6 Month Stats!

Grace went to her new Pediatrician today.  Dr. Weiser was super nice and gave us lots of advice.  Unfortunately though, she was super tired during the appointment and screamed almost the whole time.  I guess that is what I get for scheduling it during mid-morning.  I had hoped it would be before she needed a nap, but no luck.

She did great though considering for the shots.  I think at that point she was just worn out and happy to be done and back in her car seat, since she only cried for about 1 minute after the shots.

She is now 16 lbs 7 oz(50%) and 26 inches long(75%).  Starting to be a tall skinny baby and is perfectly healthy!  She even came home and took a 2+ hr nap.

Here are a few pictures.  Check out the Joe Cool Snoopy Band-Aids.

Shots don't faze me.  I am tougher than that!

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