Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

We originally had planned to go down into Dallas for a late lunch with friends, but that got cancelled.  So instead we drove up to the Old Town part of McKinney.  It reminds me in many ways of Madison, Ga.  Grace was sleeping in the car so we didn't get out but we want to go back and explore the cool shops and maybe stop in the winery that is on the square.  I really look forward to exploring the areas of Dallas on the weekends.

Last night we went to dinner with a friend of Keith's from business school and her husband and 2 children. One is just a year older than Grace and the other is only 3 months younger than her.  Hopefully, they'll be friends.  We ate at Blue Mesa Grill.  It was delicious.  Service could have been a bit better.  They were super slow, but we were sitting outside in the great weather so we didn't really mind until the kids got a bit fussy.

Grace was especially cute in her new dress that Mimi made her.  I didn't have the dress on her 1 minute before it was slimed in drool though - she got a bib after the pictures were taken.  We are very lucky that Mimi decided to pick up smocking again.  I have priced smocked dresses and they are outrageous.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend!

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  1. Slimey Slimey baby, but oooooohhhh so cute. So glad the dress fits with room to grow.