Monday, September 12, 2011

Atlanta - July

In July after we returned from Mexico, Grace and I flew back to Atlanta for another week.   We had a blast.  Sorry, but there are a tons of pictures.

First Stop Yeah Burger.  Oh my goodness, good!  West Side of Atlanta really has some great places to eat.  

Afternoon tradition of hanging out with Grandpa watching the iPad.  

We went to the ImagineIt! Children's Museum.  Grace had so much fun.  This shopping cart was her favorite.  She stole it from a little boy and pushed it around everywhere.  

She also learned how to drive a tractor while we were there.  Her Daddy was proud.

Holly and Grace with a Cow - 'MOOOO'

They had a musical education program and Grace just danced and partied along with the big kids. 

Atlanta was only a few degrees cooler than Texas, but with a bit of rain Grace got to play in her first puddle.  Of course, Grandpa couldn't resist helping that puddle out and before long she was playing in the hose.

I'd say she had fun!

Mommy doesn't let me use a spoon and eat yogurt at home, but look at how much I enjoy it.

Grandma sent a few books to Grace and she loved them all.

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