Sunday, October 30, 2011

For Posterity Sake -part 1

I really should have blogged these pictures awhile ago, so the next couple of posts are going to be picture heavy and light on words.  I want to use this blog as a way to document our family adventures and eventually would like to have it printed in a book to preserve the memories.  

We are very fortunate and have 2 sets of wonderful Grandparents that love to come visit us and especially Grace.  In August and September, both of them came down to see us.  I am terrible about taking pictures at home so I didn't get many with Nanie and Papa, but we did get this picture which is great!  I must be better about capturing memories around the house.  

My parents and sister came down at the end of September to keep Grace while Keith and I went down to Mexico for a week.  They stayed afterward and we went to a couple of fabulous places.  First up was the Owen's Farm in Richardson - petting zoo, hayride, animals and in the fall pumpkins.

It wouldn't be a trip with Grandpa and Mimi without a trip to the park for a swing!

 Stay tuned for more pictures from the State Fair.

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