Monday, December 13, 2010

On the 10th Day of Christmas...

...Grace turned 9 months old.

Month 8 was a big month for her milestone wise.

  • She started scooting/army crawling. 
  • She can sit from laying down.  It is her new favorite thing. She can't go down for a nap without sitting in her crib and playing for awhile and immediately when she wakes up she must sit.  
  • She pulls up on furniture now, so we had to lower the crib.  I think we lowered the crib only a couple of days before she pulled up for the first time.

  • She took her first long car ride to Houston for Thanksgiving  Other than not really napping she was great.  She is a seasoned flier but hasn't ever had to drive any where longer than about 1hr 45 mins.  Lets hope the flight to Michigan on Wednesday with a layover in Milwaukee goes as well as the rest of her flights.

  • Grace now weighs 18lbs 8 oz and is 28 inches long.  25-50% for weight and 75% for height - tall skinny baby(strangely enough though the onesie she is wearing in the pictures is a 3-6 months).  Her head is still at the top of the charts.  

  • 6th day of Christmas outfits.  If you are wondering - YES!  I did get a new camera.  I got a Canon T1i for an early Christmas present.  I am still learning though so bear with me as I figure it out.  This picture is a bit over exposed.

  • Grace's final milestone of the month was getting her first tooth.  If you look closely at the bottom you can see it.

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