Saturday, January 8, 2011


Well I know that I really need to make this into a couple of posts, but here are the highlights of the last couple of weeks.  We've been to Michigan and back, my parents and sister came for a week, our friends Lee and Christy were here, quiet New Year's Eve, Jeff Hogan came for a night, and Keith attended 2 bowl games.   To say that 2010 has been a very good year for us is an understatement.

Cold Michigan but about to enjoy some Fried Chicken at Zehnders in Frankenmuth.  Grace ate her weight in chicken, mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, butternut squash...  well pretty much anything that we'd give her.  She loved it all.

Aunt Heather and Grace before we opened presents.

Justin and Grace

Nanie and Grace

Our matching family

We went to a Charlie Brown ICE exhibit with my family.  Very COOL!

Nativity in Ice.  Looked amazing in person.

No I am not pregnant, but this was the best way to make sure Grace was warm.

Second try with Santa - not her favorite person obviously.

Christmas Morning!

All matching PJ's.  Too bad they didn't make some for Keith too.

Enjoying my new ride on with my Tennis shoes from the Hammerles.

Exhausted after playing with all my new toys with Grandpa.

Mimi and Grace - Grace is thinking - 'Hmm that necklace sure looks tasty'

Hanging out on the quilt that Mimi and Aunt Patti tg made.

We are still recovering from a great first Christmas for Grace.  I think that everything that she got was a hit.  It amazes me to watch her play now.  She goes from toy to toy and plays with everything.  There is such determination on her face to figure everything out.  She has gotten so many new toys and her birthday is only 2 months away.  Maybe a toy box will be a good thing for her instead of more toys.   Anyone have good toy box recommendations?  Our ottoman is full already.

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