Tuesday, January 11, 2011

10 Months Old

This was a big month for Grace and for me as well.   Not only was there Christmas during this month, but Grace is crawling.  I don't know if walking is going to be as big of a change for me, but WOW! crawling sure is.  No longer can I run to the bathroom thinking "Well she can't roll too far away".  

She is now in perpetual motion.  She discovered the stairs and since I am always there to catch her, she thinks that it is fun to fall.  Oh no!  She really has no fear.  It is like the whole house is this new and undiscovered territory and I guess to her it really is.  Last night crawling around and around the kitchen table was just hysterical to her.  She crawled and laughed the entire time I cooked dinner.

I think that 'No' really means 'Yes' to her.  The more I say no about something the more she wants it.  She is currently standing at the hearth trying to reach a vase that I moved just out of her reach.  She gets up on her tippy toes and can barely touch it, but isn't giving up yet.

Also this month, she got her first cold, second tooth, saw snow, made her 10, 11, 12, and 13th flights to visit everyone in Michigan, saw an Ice exhibit, met Santa twice and opened more presents that she could ever imagine.


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