Monday, January 17, 2011

Crafty Kristi?? What is that you say?

Yep,  I completed my first sewing project today.  My parents gave me a sewing machine for Christmas.  I had decided that since I was a mommie now I needed to know how to do some basic sewing.  So yesterday I signed up for my first sewing class.  Hopefully, I will learn how to read a pattern and make a pair of pajama pants.  In the meantime though, I decided that I could make an easy project that I'd seen on many blogs.  BABY LEGS!

It was actually a very easy project.  I made 2 pairs for Grace for Valentine's Day.  All you need a is pair of knee high kids socks.  I did learn on the first pair to use as much of the foot part of the sock to make the cuff since it is easier to work with a larger piece of sock than a skinny little piece.   This by no means will win any sewing awards and the first pair I made I pulled the sock tight so it puckered a bit, but they still work.  I should have taken a picture of the socks before I sewed them.  I found them at Target today for $4.99 for 2 pr.

Such a cute baby model

The pair on the right was my first attempt.  


  1. Very cute - did you figure out how to do that all by yourself or did you have instructions. If you can figure that out, pajama bottoms will be a cinch!!

  2. Go you! I couldn't use a sewing machine if I tried and believe me I've tried!