Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas definitely has new meaning when you have a child.   I love the lights, the decoration, and especially what Christmas truly means, but now watching it through Grace's eyes I really appreciate it so much more.  This year she was fascinated with all of the splendor of the seasons.  Lights were so fascinating.  The first thing she wanted to do in the morning was turn the Christmas tree lights on.  Unwrapping presents was so much fun for her and she even took time to enjoy each present as well.  She obviously doesn't understand the true meaning of Christmas yet, but seeing the light in her eyes at the candle glowing in the church on Christmas eve I know that she will understand in a few years.

Here are a ton of pictures from the holidays.  We were very thankfully to get to see most of my family this year in Atlanta and Keith's parents and brother Justin came to Dallas to see us.

Grace's Great Grandma came to visit us in Atlanta for a few days.  It was great that they got to spend some time together.  

Posing in front of the Choo Choo around the tree.  Grace is all about Choo Choo, Airplanes and Trucks right now.

Happy Family!

Stefanini Family 

We took time to go down to Lenox Mall to see Santa and ride the Pink Pig which is an Atlanta institution.     Unfortunately as we pulled into a parking spot, Grace got sick all over herself in the car seat.  Since she seemed to be feeling fine, my mother and I stripped her down, put her in the stroller with a coat covering her and went to Macy's to by a new outfit.  

It is a pig choo choo that used to be on a monorail in a department store.  The original has since been retired and replaced with a choo choo.  Grace loved it.

Original Pink Pig

Not loving Santa, but I love the picture

Watching the train with Holly

Grace being a good mommy to her Bath Tub Baby

Puzzles Galore!

We went one night to Stone Mountain to see the lights and ride the Choo Choo train.  Here is happy girl on the train!  She loved the ride and looking at all of the lights.  Next time we need to get there earlier to catch the shows.

Last stop was to see the Snow Princess.  

Thankfully Grace was great with the tree, but these 'Bubbles' were irresistible.

We decorated mini Gingerbread houses.  She was very detail oriented.

Until we decided to give her a taste of the icing.  My baby bird.  

5 Mini House by Grace.

Playing with new toys from Great Grandma.

Grace showing Maggie and Callie how their cell phones work.

Dayton Family

Christmas Morning at our House

Easel from Aunt Heather and Tim.  

Look at that focus on unwrapping. 

Bath Tub toys have been a huge hit this year.  This bug catcher is great. 

Ready for post bath too.

Shopping Cart from Mimi and Grandpa

The action running in Christmas Morning.  

Family picture before dinner.  

Grace loved the standing rib roast - our new tradition.  

I honestly can say that all gifts were a huge hit.  Grace has played with everything- puzzles, books, art supplies, movies, etc.  She got a Fisher Price Little people zoo from Nanie and Papa that makes animal sounds that she loves.  She likes to make the animals swing and slide.  It is really cute to watch.  The shopping cart has been the other big favorite.  She puts her groceries in and out and pushes her baby around the playroom in it.  So very cute to watch her pretend play and exploring everything.  Thanks to our wonderful families for a fabulous Christmas.  We are sorry that we weren't able to see everyone this year, but look forward to next year.

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  1. FYI ----Dates on some of the pictures are wrong, but we all know they were really taken at Christmas.