Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Yep, I'm late to this New Year's party.  If you can tell from the barrage of posts today, I am late posting about a lot of things lately.

I try and make resolutions each year, only to fail.  We went to church on New Years Day and the pastor spoke about new beginnings rather than resolutions.  I like the idea of a new beginning.  I don't feel like you can fail at a beginning even if you try and aren't as successful as there is success in the trying.   I am hopeful that 2012 will be a great year for my family including a few new beginnings.

If you know me or even follow this blog a bit you will know that we love to travel.  Grace has taken well over 25 flights so far, been out of the country to Mexico, been to at least 6 states(not just driving through), been to Disney World, etc.

Grace and I will be starting 2012 with a bang traveling as well.  The first week of February we will be going back to Colorado skiing with my family.  This is what is sure to be the first of many travels this year - maybe to new places.

Skiing though requires that I be in at least a little bit of shape, so I really need to buckle down and focus on working out.  That is going to be one of my new beginnings - figure out how to get in shape and have a toddler. Grace thankfully takes a good nap each day so something at home would be great.  If anyone has good at home workout suggestions or apps I would love to hear them.  I am looking at Nike Training Club app right now and it looks pretty cool.  I also found a great deal on Plum District for a Baby Boot Camp stroller class. I think Grace would enjoy watching me making a fool of myself. :)  So that is a possibility

I talk more about Plum District here.  I have found a couple of companies that I love like PearTree Greetings via deals that I have bought from Plum District.   There have been some great local deals as well..  I hope to get to the spa soon with one my recent deals that I got.  Maybe this is the year of new beginnings for my skin?

So getting in shape isn't incredibly unusual for a new year start and neither is my next goal, but we all start somewhere.  I really want to be more organized.  Calendar wise, I do fine(those beautiful Erin Condren planners do call my name, but iPhone works fine) - we make it when and where we need to go, but at home is the problem.  I have what is probably called control chaos in terms of my organizational method - some also might call it clutter.  My closet is a disaster right now and needs a complete overhaul.  Additionally, I really want to be better about planning our meals and not going to the store 3 times a week.  I found an online solution last year that I really liked and it really helped, but I'd like to try another one.  Plan to Eat is interesting, but I don't really have to time to find all of the recipes to set it up.  I do like that you can import them, but I'd rather someone do more of the work for me and I can add a few recipes here and there that I find rather than finding them all.  Any recommendations for good meal planning sites?  I used Relish last year.  I've heard good things about E-Mealz, but it seems to be a lot of pre-processed foods.

So - home workout ideas and meal planning???  Anyone have great resources to help me out??

My camera died so I don't have any great recent pictures. Grace enjoying a movie. 

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