Sunday, March 18, 2012

She's 2!!!

It seems like just yesterday that Grace Elizabeth was born.   In many ways I still look at her like she is a itty bitty baby, but she is a full fledged toddler now.  It has been so fun watching her little personality emerge.  

We still only have a glimpse of the full person is to become, but she is a happy, giggly, dancing fool right now.  We also definitely have an opinionated little girl - she know what she does and doesn't want.  We wake up to demands of pancakes, lemonade is hands down a favorite(watered way down of course), hot dogs and mac and cheese can make her day, ice cream is a favorite treat that she loves to share and I believe she can consume her weight in strawberries if allowed.  Mickey Mouse is her favorite TV show and she doesn't understand why she can't watch it all the time.  She loves to dance and her favorite "Memix" is Coldplay's Paradise to which she will sing the chorus or Zac Brown Band's Chicken Fried if we are listening to Daddy's iPad.   Speaking of iPad's or iPhones, she can navigate with the best of us and knows how to start a video or find her favorite apps.  I love technology, but I am scared how fast she is going to pass me in knowledge.

Like most 2 yr olds, the park is a favorite.  She loves the swings and slides.  Grace is a complete monkey at climbing on the playground. She is always asking to "go play".

As any good birthday should be celebrated, Grace had about 5 parties.  The first party was with Nanie and Papa before they left for Florida.

Aunt Heather and Tim gave Grace a baby doll, with a stroller, high chair, car seat and carrier.  The baby doll and stroller have been a huge hit.  Grace is a very good mommie and loves to push the stroller.  

Uncle Justin gave Grace a Mickey Mouse chair, DVD and book.  She loves all of them and would be content to watch the DVD every day while sitting in her chair.  

First cupcake - Cupcakes are the best!

Nanie and Papa gave Grace this car and a couple of dresses.  Grace loves driving her car around the house or getting us to push her in the car.  We find the car in all sorts of places - pantry, office, laundry room, bathrooms.  She loves to drive it to our bathroom in the morning while we are getting ready.   She even drives to us and says 'Beep Beep'

Party number 2 was at Grace's Mother's Day Out.  We brought cupcakes, but unfortunately she had to leave school early because of a nasty cough.  Thankfully, she got to enjoy the cupcakes before heading home. 

Since Grace's actual birthday fell on a Saturday we had her party with her friends the same day.  We decided that Chick-fil-a would be a great place.  The local store has a great covered outdoor play area, but of course out days of 75+ degree weather, that Saturday the high was only 55 so we moved most of the party indoors.  I can't say enough nice things about Chick-fil-a.  The Trinity Mills location was a dream to work with.  My mother and I showed up early to set up and then Grace arrived just before the party.  We invited about 12 friends and it was perfect.  

Grace and her adorable outfit made by Mimi and Aunt Patti

Opening Presents.

Grace was not a fan of the Cow that showed up during the party.

She loved the slide.  

Everyone enjoying ice cream and Whoopie Pies.  

Mimi and Grace pointing to the cow - this was as close as she would get and be happy.

Overall the party was a huge success!  

After the party and a good nap, we are now on to party number 4.   

Because I wanted to use this Cow at the party, Grace did open a few presents early.  The funniest part was that we had hidden it and another gift in the office.  Apparently, she had spotted both, but didn't say anything until we gave her the cow.  Once she had that she started asking for the other presents.   This cow is a bouncy toy.  She hasn't figure out quite how to go forward on it, but loves to just sit and bounce. I find it in all sorts of places as well.  I need to post a picture of her carrying it, since it is about her size, you just can't tell in the pictures. 

Mimi and Grandpa also gave Grace her first bike!  She immediately knew it was a bike and it was hers.  She just needs to grow another inch or so before she really will be able to ride.

Keith and I got her a little kitchen.  I thought that she would like it, but she really loves it.  We get to eat a lot of soup though.  She had soup in Colorado and apparently that is what she wants to fix now.  

Opening more presents with Holly.  2 Disney DVD's - Lady and the Tramp and Bambi - classics that I think we'll be watching a lot.  

Aunt patti made matching gift wrap.
Looking good in my rain coat from Aunt Patti and Uncle Chris.

Little Chef

To round out a fabulous couple of weeks of parties, we finished out hosting playgroup at the Ark with more cupcakes.  We had another birthday party to attend this weekend and I was a bit worried she might think it was more parties for her, but she was great!

Thanks to all our friends and family for a wonderful 2nd Birthday.  We love all of our gifts and are having a blast playing with them.

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