Sunday, March 4, 2012

Valentines and beyond...

Vacation was a great start to February and we rounded out the month with lots more fun activities.

First up was Valentine's.  This marks the first time that Grace exchanged valentines for her class mates.  Of course, I couldn't just send her to school with any 'ole store bought, nope I was inspired by Pinterest and made Heart shaped crayons.  These were a learning process, but overall I was happy with how they came out.

I found the best ones were when I barely let them get liquid and I used complementary color combinations.  

Grace with all of her Valentine's after school

I found Heart shaped Ravioli's and made these for dinner.  

Mimi mentioned that the Dollar Tree is a great place to buy balloons so I ventured out at night for a morning surprise.  I am still amazed at how much joy a toddler can get from 2 $1 balloons, but she loved these.  I also found window clings for the car which she has loved.  

We hosted a playgroup that was also a Huggies Pulls Ups House Party.  Grace is playing her guitar and doing the potty dance.  I am not sure why it looks like her shirt is wet in this picture. 

We finished out February with a bang - trip to the zoo and to the DFW Family Expo!

Waiting inside for the rest of our friends.  

Nanie and Grace looking at the Elephants.  

All of the friend checking out the gorillas.  

Grace made new friends with these monkeys.  She likes to hold hands. 

Feeding the Giraffes.  Grace wasn't thrilled being this close to him.

On the Dart going to the DFW Family Expo- highlight of her day.  Loved the train.  

Nanie, Papa and Grace on the Dart.

We had a busy but fun February.  Nanie and Papa left Texas for Florida and we are sad that they are gone.  Grace loved having them in town for so long.  

Next Month starts off with a bang- I still can't believe she is almost 2!!  The birthday party is this weekend and I'll have lots of pictures (or pic-pitch as Grace would say)


  1. That's so at the zoo are so adorable! I love their sense of wonder at seeing new animals!

  2. Loving your valentines! I've never seen heart shaped ravioli before.