Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Egg Hunts Galore

Today began the first of 4 Easter Egg Hunts for Grace (not counting the neighborhood one that we showed up 10 mins late for and it was OVER!!)  As I blogged before, we'd even been practicing a little.  Well it quickly became obvious that we need lots more practice.

We hosted our PTA playgroup today for an Easter Egg Hunt.  Yesterday it was over 90 and today it was in the 60s so not exactly ideal weather, but it was still a very good time even if the moms picked up most of the eggs.  Tomorrow we are hosting our neighborhood playgroup for another Egg Hunt and I don't have much better expectations.

I got Grace to pick up about 10 eggs before she was done and just wanted to eat the eggs.  This was pretty much the same for the rest of the kids in our playgroup.  We do think that next year will be much different!

We did Easter Tattoos ( you know cause tattoos and Easter go so well together :)  )  Grace didn't really want to show hers off.

Yard beforehand.  There were well over 300 eggs

I couldn't resist taking a few of Grace while everyone else was getting ready.  

This is our playgroup!  

Grace didn't want to nap beforehand so we encountered a minor meltdown during the EE Hunt.  I found her over by the fence all slumped down like a ragdoll, doing her infamous clenched fist squeals.    I am not really sure other than being tired what her issue was.   She took a good nap afterwards though.  

All in all it was a fun time, but I have a feeling I will end up doing must of the hunting for eggs at her next 3 events.  

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