Sunday, April 24, 2011

Walking... try Dancing!!!

For the past couple of weeks, Grace has officially been walking.  She is still working on standing without pulling up, but she is quickly getting there.  I about died yesterday when she was walking away from me and I told her no.  Her response was to turn back, giggle and try to run away.   I had to giggle myself.  I wasn't expecting her to run already.  Granted she isn't really running, but boy can she move pretty quickly.  She still has her arms out for balance and I am loving watching her really get to explore the world. 

We've noticed that Grace is getting better at listening and doing what we ask, but I discovered that she knows what dancing is and will dance on command.  How early can we sign up for dance class?

So instead of just posting a video of walking, here is Grace walking, playing with Easter Eggs and of course Dancing!

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