Tuesday, April 5, 2011


As our kids grow up we celebrate each and every milestone they reach.  At the same time, we always lament that they are growing up way too fast.  But the worst part is that before they get to the milestone, we are always in a rush for it to happen.   Many times along with the milestone some things get easier and some get harder.   I know the minute that Grace really starts walking more than crawling I won't be as worried about her getting dirty or wanting to crawl on the ground and then try and put her hands in her mouth; Going to the park will be so much more fun once she can walk, but with walking she is going to be into so much more.  Though she is so speedy now with crawling, I am already afraid that I won't be able to keep up with her when she starts walking.    I find myself both encouraging and discouraging walking throughout each day.  I am so torn.  It is so exciting that she is about to walk, yet I am not ready for my baby to be a toddler.

I feel like in some respect we rush the milestones in competition with others.  I know what age both Keith and I walked.   I know what age all the kids in our playgroup walked.  Just like with height and weight - for some reason we are all drawn to advertise these as if they are 'achievements'.  Each child is unique and special.  Each does things in their own way.   As we are on the cusp of a huge milestone, I just need to savor these last few days of my baby before she becomes a toddler.

Lately Grace has been pushing around her cars.  Before when she hit the wall, that would be the end unless we came and helped.  She has now figured out how to overcome this obstacle.

We already bought Grace her first pair of real shoes, but now that she is closer to walking and has outgrown all but 2 pairs of shoes it was time to buy more.  We took advantage of a sale at Stride Rite last week.  I remember wearing my shoes out of the store as a kid so this was Grace's first experience doing this.  I was a Klassy mommy and she went to the store barefooted so the bag just holds the empty box, but still she looks so happy in her new shoes. 

I accidentally took a video instead of pictures.  If I can figure out how to crop it down to one photo I will switch this out, but for now this is all I have.


  1. And once she reaches another milestone you'll forget about the competition to reach the last one (among your friends etc). It's a struggle but in my experience the sooner you stop comparing the easier it is to enjoy. THanks for the follow. Now following you back

  2. So I watched this video 5 times and now I'm checking on flights to Dallas. Stay tuned for my travel dates! I am missing all the fun!

  3. Love your blog....so glad I stopped here tonight

  4. One of the biggest things I learned after having my 1st is not to compare your child to others, because each develops differently. My 1st didn't walk til 15 mos, speak ("really speak") until 2 yo (had to get speech therapy), whereas my 2nd was walking at 10 mos and speaking at just over a yr.

  5. Two of my sisters had to get speech therapy and my younger brother should have had it also. It turned out to be very helpful for them! They stopped getting frustrated because they could communicate to the rest of us clearly. I think kids just develop at different rates.

  6. Yes, I had a friend's daughter who needed language therapy, but was exceptionally bright. She learned how to walk faster than her siblings. -Karrie