Sunday, October 17, 2010

Big Thanks!!

Monogrammed anything holds a big place in a southern girls heart.  Keith will claim that I tried to put our monogram on everything at our wedding.  And yes I even have a pair of shoes with my monogram.

Monogramming, embroidery and smocking become even more important when you have a baby. There is nothing cuter than a smocked dress and monogramed bloomers on a little gril.  Grace is very fortunate to have family that can make these items and more like burb clothes and bibs.  Monogramming/Embroidery isn't cheap at all.  I am scared to figure up how much I've saved so far.  So we want to send out a very big thanks to 
Aunt Patti the Great!!!  

She has an embroidery machine and has been very gracious to monogram all sorts of items for Grace. Here are a few things that she has made for Grace in the past - She can knit too!

Grace can never have to many burb clothes and we can clean her up in style now.  This is just a few of the many super cute burb clothes that we have.

Adorable hat!

Bunny Ears Hat!  She was the hit of easter.

We also have lots of bibs, but I guess I don't take many pictures of Grace in a bib - Drool or spit up doesn't really photo well.
Cute Bum shot from the 6 month photo session.

The latest creation from Aunt Patti the Great is so adorable.   Halloween Bloomers and Bib!

Mimi made her cute socks

Look at me standing.  

All Smiles in her bib!!  She can't wait for the next holidays to show her bum off again.  

Thanks again.  We love everything that you've made for Grace.  

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  1. Aww - that's so sweet! I love doing stuff for Grace! She's such a cute model!