Thursday, October 21, 2010

State Fair of Texas

Last Sunday we all loaded up in the car, met up with the Woy's and headed out to the State Fair.  It was a long day for all of us, but a fun one.  There was lots of fried food, amazing people watching, a HUGE pig, longhorns, and we even saw Frisbee dogs in action.

We learned that next year, we will be back but during the middle of the week.  Boy was it crowded.  We would have loved to do the small farm or the petting zoo, but they were packed and you had to leave your stroller outside something we didn't plan for when we brought the big stroller.

Grace loved just taking it all in and looking around.  She was such a good baby.  She did fuss a bit once she was super tired, but she eventually passed out asleep in the stroller.
I guess we should have brought her sunglasses.  

Big Tex

It looks like she is trying to say 'Howdy Folks' with Big Tex.

A tired baby.

Also on Saturday night we had dinner with the group over at the Woy's.  We were asked to bring an appetizer and a dessert.  I decided to make Onion-Bacon Dip. If you ever need to make a quick easy appetizer, this is it.  Such a hit and sooo good.  It is basically homemade French Onion dip, but with bacon added.  I also made these brownies.  They were really good and didn't taste light at all, but were really messy.  I don't think that I would make and take them somewhere, but they are a great treat at home.    Sorry no pictures of the food.

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