Monday, October 4, 2010

A Swinging Good Time

About a month or so ago, Keith and I drove around our neighborhood checking out the playgrounds trying to find swings for Grace.  It seemed that all of the swings were gone.  The rest of the playground equipment wasn't really geared towards babies so we were quite bummed.  We just knew that she would love the swings.

Today though, Grace finally got to go to a playground with swings in my parents neighborhood.  Even more importantly, there was a baby swing.  We brought along a Ikea highchair pad and it worked great to keep her safely wedged into the swing.

Grace absolutely loved it.  At first we got a bit of nervous laughter.  Who knew a baby had nervous laughter?  But she really got into it and had a blast, giggling with each push.  We all got tickled by her laughing and the more we laughed and "Weeeee'd" the more she laughed.  She checked out a bit of the rest of the playground equipment and then we brought her home, where she proceeded to pass out for her nap.  I guess swinging is exhausting work.

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