Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lions, Tigers, Bears... Oh My!!

Grace had a great time at the zoo yesterday.  She didn't get fussy until the very end.  I do think that the people watching was a little more exciting than the animals at this point though.  If the animals weren't moving, she wasn't interested in them at all.  Meerkats, gorillas and flamingos were probably her favorite since they were the most "exciting" in her eyes.  By that I mean they walked around.

"Poo Happens" - That is Grace's belief as well.  

Grace as a Lion cub.  

We were all more interested in the Gorillas than Grace. 

What Pandas??  I am more interested in kids being monkeys.

Oh look, Giraffe!  I have a giraffe on my t-shirt and bib.

She got her first tattoo yesterday as well.  It was of a panda.  She chose the super cool location of her foot for the tattoo.  Now before you go thinking she is going to turn all "LA Ink" on us, it was just temporary and will wash off.  

We stopped by the petting zoo and she was fearless reaching out to pet the goats.  Her version of petting is to grab the hair, but the goats seemed pretty used to that and didn't even move.

Grace finished the day off with a little lunch, naps and then went to watch Grandpa play tennis in the evening before bed.  She wasn't a very good luck charm though since he didn't get the win, but both Mimi and Grandpa won their matches this morning.   She did enjoy watching.  She just sat there and watched the ball go back and forth.  I think she likes tennis.  - Sorry Keith the French Open was the first thing to interest her on the tv and now she will sit and watch tennis.  If you want her to like other sports you better start taking her to see some live!!

Today we are taking it easy before the ladies head to a wedding in Rome.  Grandpa volunteered to keep Grace tonight.  I bet they will have a great time!


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